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Automatic Grain Samplers

"Cobra 3001" - Long Vehicles (B-Double) Sampling System

The COBRA 3001 has been specially designed to allow full coverage of the sampling area of longer vehicles, so as to meet all international sampling requirements.
In its standard version, the effective travel of the COBRA 3001 sampler head is 10 meters, i.e. - including the 2,910 mm reach of the sampler head - it offers a total coverage of 15,280 mm. However, upon request, we can offer solutions allowing for much longer distances - such as 12 meters, 30 meters, and more.  

Watch the Cobra 3001 in action below


"Heron 3000" - standard automatic grain sampling system.

All mechanical components have been oversized to meet two demands:
1) to be able to facilitate more than 1,000 samples/day,
2) be able to fully penetrate the grain, whatever the type of product or probe.

Watch the Heron 3000 in action below